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Luke 3-9 Crossword

Teacher: Mr. David Bonnet
This event has the appearance of Moses and Elijah.
While being tempted by Satan, Jesus responds to him by quoting which book of the OT
The preaching of John the Baptist includes care of the poor, social justice, and _____.
The curing of this man's slave is a response before we take the Eucharist at mass.
(4 words) In this section of Chapter 6 Jesus proclaims what it means to follow Jesus and how it is different from the rest of the world.
Chapters 3-9 is considered Jesus' ______ ministry.
The town where Jesus raised the widow son who had died.
The approximate age of Jesus when he began his ministry?
Where was Jesus being led after his baptism? Another name for desert?
After Jesus and the others were baptized, he was doing what when the Holy Spirit descended upon him?
(2 words) Chapter 5 introduces in the calling of Levi the major theme of ______ ______.
At the appearance of Elijah and Moses, Jesus spoke of his___, which he will accomplish in Jerusalem.
In chapter the mentioning of this group of people speaks to the major theme in Luke's gospel of universality and salvation for all.
Three different people ask John what they should do in response to his preaching. What theme is Luke projecting?
Town where Jesus has his first miracle.
The quote, "be merciful, even as your father is merciful" is one of Lukan major themes. Which one?
Town where Jesus reads from the book of Isaiah and declares what his ministry will be.
In the 15th year of what Roman emperor did John start to preach?
Jesus' genealogy starts with the son of_______.
This number represents fulfillment and was the number of times Jesus was tempted.