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9th Grade Term 2 Vocab Review

When two things are compared using like, as, or than
A statement that has been used too often to be interesting or meaningful; cliche
A reference to something well-known.
Deliberate but without motive
The person or force going against the protagonist in a story.
A short period of rest
Taking place after one's death
The turning point of the story, it is usually the most exciting part.
Swiftly Santa's sleigh sliced the snowy storm is an example of what?
Strong and healthy
Virtually the same as; comparable
Deserving blame; guilty
To leave quickly and secretly; flee
A character who changes throughout the course of the story.
An exaggeration
A well-developed character
Unfortunate; unlucky
Round or spherical
A character who exhibits only one or two traits
A category of artistic composition: example non fiction
To put an end to something typically with the use of force
Showing interest or concern; mindful
Turbulence and agitation; turmoil
A word's dictionary meaning
A character who does not change over the course of the story.
Feelings associated with a word
Poor or needy; destitute
The problem in a story
A concept, person, or object that has served as a prototype of its kind.
A symbolic device in which characters or events represent ideas and concepts
An action or remark that causes outrage or offense
A small amount
To leave something to a person through a will
Having many curves and turns
Experience or expertise in something; shrewdness