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Functions of Cell Parts

Organic Compound found in Living Things

Look like bubbles and serve as storage containers for food water wastes fats chemicals
Has outer membrane and stacks of inner membranes that contains chlorophyll a green pigment captures energy from sunlight
Tiny hair-like structures that are extensions of cell membrane
A maze of passageways formed by a folded membrane
Little whip. Propels cell in water, or if attached moves material beside the cell
A watery substance that fills the cell
Supplies the energy needed by the cell
Encloses the cell allows some substances to move in and out of the cell
Contains DNA
Make new proteins found scattered in cytoplasm or attached to ER
Enzyme-filled capsules that serve as demolition crew ridding cells of invading bacteria etc.
Control center, surrounded by a bilayer membrane with large pores contains chromosomes
Collects proteins and other chemicals from cytoplas.
Outside of cell membrane supports and protects the plant cell