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Christmas Music

With angelic _____ proclaim...
Good tidings we bring to you and your _______
And pretend that he is _________ Brown.
O ______ of wonder.
_______ leading, still proceeding.
O Come All Ye ______
_______ adoremus
Hark the ________
Walking in a winter _________
Glory to the _______ king.
______ through the snow.
______ all the way.
______ Bells ring
Rudolph the ____-nose reindeer
In the meadow we can build a _______.
O come let us ________ Him.
I'm dreaming of a ________ Christmas.
Susy wants a ______.
_______ choirs of angels.
Alleluia, Alleluia, sounds through the earth and ______.
May your days be merry and ________
And a happy new _____
Born a king on ______'s plain.
Let men, their songs _______.
Sleep in ______ peace.
Jolly old St. ______
We Three ______
Then one ______ Christmas Eve, Santa came to say....
Oh what fun it is to ride in a _____-Horse open sleigh.
_______ Fideles.
______ to the World.
O Come let us _______ Him.
Dashing through the ______
Joyful all ye nations ________.
Peace on earth and ________ mild.