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Fun With Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses 
Next year i will have been ____ here for four years. (fuPC)
John was sick, but now he is ____ better. (PeC)
Someone's been ____ my Ben & Jerry's. (PrPC)
You will be ____ the sun once winter come. (FuC)
I will ____ for the ticket with my card. (FuS)
By the time you have read this I will have ____. (FuP)
We were ____ to open up the door for 10 minutes til she found her key. (PaPC)
He ____ in Chicago in 1998. (PaS)
The children were ____ on their XBOX when the power went out. (PaC)
We are ____ to do well on our finals. (PrC)
He was very tired because he hadn't ____ well. (PaP)
Have you ____ Beetlejuice? (PrP)