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7th Grade Term 2 Vocab Review

To refrain oneself from doing or enjoying something
To maintain in an original state
Positive attitude; cheerful
Lacking life, spirit, zest
Very determined; relentless
Concerned with human welfare
Wicked or criminal
Tending to socialize with others; social
Very harmful or dangerous
Lacking proper respect or seriousness
Differing from one another
Having a connection with the matter at hand
A false, insulting, or exaggerated representation of something
An exaggeration
A forceful or bitter attack
A character that changes throughout the course of the story
To examine closely
Showing a superior attitude toward others
A statement that does not follow the conversation's flow
Something that deviates from what is expected
A reference to something well-known
Saying something opposite what one means
A magical charm
The problem in the story
A talent or natural skill
To prove false
A self-contradictory statement
Well supplied with something
A character who does not change throughout the story
A well-rounded character with many traits
A character with only one or two traits