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The Constitution

Use your vocabulary from Chapter 4, other information from the the textbook, and your notes from the videos to complete this puzzle.
The Constitutional _____ was a series of meetings of state delegates in 1787 where they came up with an entirely new plan for our national government.
The principle of government called Popular ____ has to do with the idea that the power lies with the people.
An uprising of Massachusetts farmers who did not want to lose their farms because of debt caused by heavy state taxes after the American Revolution
This branch of the government carries out the laws.
These powers are shared by the federal government and states governments.
There are 7 main parts of the Constitution called the _____ ; these state the goals and purposes of our government.
This opening section of the Constitution begins with the words "We the People..."
This principle of government split the authority among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
Under this type of government the power is shared by the national government and the state governments.
This branch of the government is the one that interprets the laws.
This principle of government states that a government can only do what the people allow it to do.
A detailed written plan for government
This is a special statement in the Constitution that says our national government created the "Supreme Law of the Land".
James Madison presented this plan at the Constitutional Convention where Congress had two houses and state population would determine how many representatives a state would have.
At the Constitutional Convention, William Paterson came up with this plan... one idea is that all states would be represented equally in Congress.
These powers are not granted to the federal government in the Constitution, so they are set aside for the states,
A change to the Constitution is called an _____.
To settle the disagreement of the NJ Plan and the Virginia Plan, Roger Sherman came up with the _____ which has a dual system for Congressional representation.
This principle of government says that the law applies to everyone, even those that govern.
This branch of the government makes the laws; it consists of Congress and all of its lawmakers.
These powers of the national government are explicitly written in the Constitution.
A group of individual or state governments that unite together for a common purpose.
This system is used by each branch to help restrain the power of the other branches.
A legislature that consists of two parts or houses is called _____.
A law, usually of a city or county is called a __________.
To vote approval in approving the Articles of Confederation.