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The Jargon Christmas Crossword

Moment of truth to affect emotionally, showing nothing in measurement (10)
❄ Bad reactants sell short traditional gift exchange (6,5) ❄
Standalone business unit that is isolated, halved and confused (4)
Physical interaction feels 40% without professional British former tennis player…(4,4)
❄ A fling initially justifiable, follows maiden with very loud diamond - possible consequence of 13d? (6,6) ❄
❄ I have price to pay - in short, you first made fool out of party dress? (7,7) ❄
Title denoting seniority? It’s in the adductors (4)
Contracting enjoyment of encircling deposit, we hear (11)
Beating around every contact (5,3)
A-major, for instance – vital in business! (3)
Unexpected and possibly unwelcome area of knowledge – not right (4,5)
Crack squad to be French in glossy thing, returning (5,4)
Pugilist’s pastime after midday meal is example of something said to be on trend (11)
Purchasing detailed stakeholder engagement (3,2)
Somebody motivated by support primarily and flatterers perhaps? Quite the opposite! (4-7)
Err, confusing initial dram, port, with sailor coming back in damnation (4,3,4)
Composer Philip, carrying out hermetic activity to the ear, limits career progression (5,7)
Beginnings of cramming instigate many a diploma? (1,1,1)
Tending to make first move for healthy type of lifestyle (9)
Give job to something audibly greater (4)
❄ Astray kiss with politician ruins seasonal social (4,5) ❄
Straightening a tendon with final incantation instead of article (9)
Origins of chemistry, romantic maybe, can improve customer relationships? (1,1,1)