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Academic Vocabulary & Latin Root Words PEND- through LIV- Combo

Answers to this puzzle come from BOTH the Academic Vocabulary List B as well as the Latin Root Word List PEND- through LIV-
A person who tells a story can ____.
This Latin root word refers to stories that are fake.
This is what we do when we go from class to class
Answer is: "IMT"
Answer is: "TEA"
Lanaii is an extremely gorgeous ___, with a great deal of sun and lots of greenery.
This Latin root means to bend or fold
Answer is: "IE"
Someone who thinks very seriously is showing use of this Latin root word
It is important to know your academic interests in order to make an effective ___ to high school.
Answer: BO"
In order to ___ a letter in an envelope, fold it in three.
Leroy's ___ looks tried to appear threatening, but I was far from scared.
Answer: "CS"
A person who works with someone else is known as a ____.
This Latin root, which means with, is also found in "coworker"
This Latin root means to close or shut in
It is difficult to ___ which dessert I want to have because of the many options.
This Latin root means "with"
The cause of the old man's death was very ___. Not a lot of people understood why he died.
A person who wants to ___ your reputation by spreading rumors is not a true friend.
People who get enough sleep at night must have a specific ___.
The car traveled up a steep ___ and could barely make it.
This Latin root means to set free
Something that is connected is also ___.
This word also means "location"
Her ___ attention to planning every detail of her wedding ensured that her guests truly felt special.
Brands like "Contigo" use this Latin root to name their drink bottles
This Latin root word means to make easier
Brain cancer is an ___ form of cancer that is not widely understood.
This Latin root means to close or shut in