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Hoopes/Leishman Christmas Crossword

Person who is 15.
Person who is 12.
What you get to open on christmas morning.
He sees you when you are sleeping.
Another word for presents.
Falls on cold days when it rains, and is white.
Christmas songs or christmas____.
Name of Max's and Lily's elf.
The day before christmas.
Person who is 8, almost 9.
First day of a new year.
We got tickets on christmas to this place.
Group of people who live together and are related.s
Reindeer with a very shiny nose.
Fancy____ is made for christmas and christmas eve dinner.
Person who is 35.
What people have every christmas time.
Person who is 36.
Get hung up to get stuffed with small gifts and toys.
What you get when you mix snow and water, or what you get at Sonic.
You give santa milk and_____ on christmas eve.
Sweet treat made with two candies twisted together.
Person who is 8.
Number of christmas trees Allie has on fireplace.
Given to people to make them feel cared for and special.
A person who is 11.
Person who is 38.
Place we went last year on christmas.
A person who is 39.