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Christmas puzzle

Artificially supplying land with water so crops can grow
Narrow waterway built for transportation or irrigation
Large body of water
Map maker
The highest place on a mountain
Area of land that is almost surrounded by water.
One half of the Earth
The population per square mile
The system of map lines to help identify absolute location.
Use of forests for lumber, paper, and other products.
A design to summarize facts in a visual way.
Where Santa lives
One fourth of the Earth
Broad area of land that is gently rolling or almost flat.
Place where cargo or passengers are moved onto or off of ships
Explains symbols on a map
Where a place is located geographically
A group of numbers used to indicate the position of a point, line, or plane.
Shows directions on a map
A position on the Earth
Losing leaves or needles in autumn.
Measures east or west of Prime Meridian
Small funny guys
A connected line of mountains
Measures north or south of the Equator