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Vocabulary chapter 9

The U.S. __________ forms the basis of all our country's laws and structure.
My opponent's __________ of the game allowed me a victory.
The criminal served both of his sentences ____________ rather than one after another.
The writing on the Egyptian tomb became ____________ once we called in experts.
I had to pay a ___________ small amount to be able to park in the main lot.
The scientists' ___________ turned out to be successful and not just a lucky guess.
One ___________ to become a doctor is the ability to spend long nights studying about the human body.
The police made a ___________ of all the terrorist's bomb making materials.
When the stock market began to ___________ it became obvious we were in for a troubled economy.
The ______________ of the film "Titanic" at the Oscars meant 10 awards for the film.