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New York Colony Crossword Puzzle

An assembly of town's people that decide local issues.
Sets of laws that treated enslaved Africans not as human beings but as property.
A formal written request.
Recognition that other people have the right to different options
The forms of government in which voters elect people to make laws from them.
Rights that belong to all people at birth.
Economic policy that held that a nation prospered by exporting more goods to foreign nations or colonies than it imported from them.
A colony run by an individual, family, or company.
To refuse to buy certain goods or services.
Goods that are sent to other countries.
A large farm that grows cash crops like tobacco or cotton.
A colony controlled directly by the English King.
Crops that are sold for money.
To mistreat someone due to one's religion, race, or political beliefs.
Goods that are brought into a country from another country