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by Piano Performer Magazine
Volume VIII
Winter 2017-18
One of the most prominent French composers the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music.
A a historic theatre in Moscow, Russia, designed by architect Joseph Bové, featured in the Summer Issue 2017 of Piano Performer Magazine.
A tempo performed in a very legato style, in which the notes are performed in a sustained manner beyond their normal values.
An instrumental musical composition, usually short, of considerable difficulty, and designed to provide practice material for perfecting a particular musical skill.
A direction in musical notation indicating that the musical piece should be played rather fast and lively.
A Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era.
American composer, pianist, and producer known for his YouTube videos and featured in the Winter 2016-17 Issue of Piano Performer Magazine.
A name of a village located in south-western Switzerland in the canton of Valais, home of a famous music festival created by Martin Engstroem.
One of the most popular jazz pianists in history born in Canada.
A nickname of a female musician, sister of a famous composer, featured in the Summer Issue 2016 of Piano Performer Magazine.
A Georgian classical pianist, recipient of a prestigious UNESCO Award Artists for Peace, featured in the Fall 2016 Issue of Piano Performer Magazine.
An American actor who won an Academy Award for playing a pianist.
A piano sonata composed by Beethoven during 1804 and 1805, and perhaps 1806, dedicated to Count Franz von Brunswick.
An Italianized musical term derived from the French glisser, to glide.
A Russian composer and pianist, regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century.
The first Russian composer to gain wide recognition within his own country, often regarded as the fountainhead of Russian classical music.
An Austrian piano manufacturer founded in 1928, now owned by the Yamaha Corp.
A symbol of musical notation indicating that the note should be prolonged beyond the normal duration its note value would indicate.
A performance venue, located in a former limestone quarry, featured in the Fall Issue 2016 of Piano Performer Magazine.
A 19-20th century Polish American classical pianist, one of the greatest Chopin interpreters of his time, author of the quote, "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back."
A Japanese musician and pedagogue who developed a holistic system of teaching music to toddlers and young kids.
An Italian composer, pianist, conductor, editor, writer, and teacher. In 1949, a piano competition was named after him.