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Christmas 2017!

Kinz and Chippy!
We licked the salt wall here...
One _____, everyone knows the rules.
When Kinz is telling a story and gets off track, sometimes she needs to "____ the plane."
When a football team scores a touchdown and extra point, they get how many points?
For this holiday, we went to The Gladly...
Jalapeno stuffed...
We drank this in the parking lot before a Spring Training game...
The first time that I met Matt he squeezed my...
Chip's favorite food...
Chip isn't allowed to wear his favorite shirt because it has...
Don't _____ me!
My tall friend that you just met.
Franklin LOVES...
What day of the week was our first date on?
Chippy's favorite show!
At my sister's house, we took a shot of
Sometimes Chippy talks a little too
Makinzie is not allowed to wear this around Chippy
For some odd reason, on their first date, Makinzie told Chip that she is known as the...
Chip's rommate's nickname is...
First name of Chippy's football man crush