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Christmas 2017

We ______ our presents
Santa lives in the _____ ______
He flies in the sleigh
There are _____ under the tree
This makes it a white Christmas
This will keep us warm
"Can't catch me I'm the ________"
Christmas is very _____
Frosty was a ______
We hang these by the fireplace
Today we gather with our _______
One of the Christmas colors
Today is a ______
Christmas songs
We decorate this for Christmas
One of the Christmas colors
At Christmas time houses get special ________
Jingle ____
This can make a present fancier
Today is _____
His birthday is today
Christmas is in what month
Today we feel ______
He was made of snow
______ the red nosed reindeer
Every one of these is different
Today we will eat yummy ______
This season started last week
Kids look for their ___ on the Shelf
Naughty people get this for Christmas
What Santa brings on Christmas for kids