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Climate And Weather Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Mitchell
Instrument that measures moisture
A middle cloud composed gray or bluish sheets or layers of uniform appearance
Any kind of water particle that falls from the sky
The Precipitation of the current day
The break down of rock
A device that measure's wind
Mixtures of gas the surrounds us and protects us from the suns UV raise
When the water doesn't have enough force the sediment falls to the bottom
Movement by air
An instrument that automatically records cloud height
The horizontal transfer of any atmospheric property by the wind
The heat or coldness of the object
Water vapor content of the air
Where a liquid turns into a gas
A ten year prediction of the weather
the wobble over thousands of years of tilt of the earths axis with respect to the plane of the solar system
Clouds lowered to were you can barley see
The movement of small Rocks(pebbles, sand and gravel)
Waste covered in thin layers of soil
A instrument used to measure tempature