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Latin Root Puzzle #1

Looking back upon the past
To lessen or lighten someone's pain or burden
To throw a comment between comments made by others
The manner in which one carries oneself, physically or behaviorally
The state or condition or rain or snow falling on people's heads
To bend one's knee before an altar (or in the past, before a person of higher social status)
The roads, bridges, and utilities (electrical, natural gas, water, cable, telephone) around which a community is built/developed
To twist someone's arm, figuratively speaking, in order to get money or some other benefit from him
A secret plan breathed (whispered) between multiple people to do something illegal
A word that describes someone whose bones seem easily breakable
Describes a person for whom words just roll off the tongue - a chatterbox
Describes a feeling one has when a situation is not believable
A statement of the truth of a criminal or civil charge, as determined by a judge and or a jury in a court of law
Someone to whom a specific substance says "eat me, drink me, smoke me"
To work together
Describes someone who is prone to looking inside herself and reflecting
The state or condition of the skin breathing
Describes a situation, statement, or line of reasoning that rolls in a twisty, confusing sort of way
Describing an outgoing person who hangs out with a large flock or herd of followers and friends.
To build a wrong understanding of a situation or statement
A word describing someone who holds onto his or her opinions or plans
A word used to describe the running of speech
A muscle that bends a limb
To make right; to correct or straighten out an error
To cut something (e.g., a line or a road) into two pieces