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Vocabulary-Chapters 1, 2 & 3

The second person of the Blessed Trinity
God's making Himself known to us
It has 27 books and tells of Jesus, His mission, His first followers and the beginning of the Catholic Church
Means God can do anything
Mary's freedom from original sin since conception
An agreement between God and his people
The living teaching office of the Church made up of the bishops with the pope as its head.
The value and worth that comes from being made in God's image and likeness
A person who is given both the authority over what he cares for and the responsibility for seeing that it lives and grows
The written record of God's Revelation and his relationship with his people
The attribute of God which means God knows everything
The invisible spiritual reality that makes each of us human
It has 46 books and tells about God's relationship with the people of Israel
The special guidance the Holy Spirit gave to the writers of the Bible
A thought, word, deed or omission against God's law
The first book of the Bible
The freedom and ability to choose
The attribute of God which means that God is everywhere at all times
The Revelation of the Good News of Jesus Christ as lived out in the Church
The attribute of God which means He always was and always will be
The Three Persons in One God
The first person of the Blessed Trinity
The ability to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong
The first sin that weakened human nature and brought ignorance, suffering and death into the world
The third person of the Blessed Trinity