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Geometry Chapter 1


To divide an angle into 2 equal parts.
For every point on a line, there is a real number.
Angles that have a common vertex, and whose sides are fomed by the same lines.
Points on the same line
A tool used to draw or measure angles.
A unit of angle measure.
A 2 dimensional flat surface.
A set of points that i part of a line. It has one endpoint.
A statement about a geometric figure that is accepted as true.
Process of making a line.
A figure mad up of two rays with a common endpoint.
A tool used to draw circles
Two angles whose measures add to 180 degrees.
Part of a circle
The number being multiplied by itself.
Lines that form right angles.
An angle that measures 90 degrees.
Two angles whose measures add to 90 degrees.
An angle that is more that 90 degrees.
A ray that divides an angle into 2 equal parts.
Angles with common vertex and a common side.
An angle less than 90 degrees.
A location in space represented by a dot.
To meet at a point; to cross or overlap each other.
The number of times a base is multiplied by itself.
The point common to both sides of an angle.