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Geometry Chapter 2


If a=c and c=d, then a+c= b+d
Something on which something else depends.
The " then ..." part of a conditional statement.
If angles are vertical angles, then their measures are equal.
Statement in the form of "If...then..."
Allows you to extend a line segment in each direction
All right angles are equal to one another.
Two figures that can match each other point for point, are equal
The hypothesis and the conclusion are switched.
If a+b=c a and b are greater than 0, then c is greater than a and c is greater than b.
If a=b, b=c, then a=c
The given or "If..." part of a conditional statement.
If there is a line L and a point P that is not on line L, there is only one line that passes through P and is parallel to L
If a=b , c=d then a-c= b-d
A straight line can be drawn from any point to any point
AA statement that is considered to be true without proof.
A circle can be drawn around a center and a distance.
Statements about properties of equality.