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L13 8th grade Cross Word

a restaurant in which patrons wait on themselves, carrying their food to tables from counters where it is displayed and served
a division constituting half of the regular academic year, lasting typically from 15 to 18 weeks
the outer side, surface, or part; exterior
any of certain compounds or medicines that neutralize or inhibit the effect of histamine in the body, used chiefly in the treatment of allergic disorders and colds.
- to work, one with another; cooperate, as on a literary work
to come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence
to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth
to destroy or expend by use; use up
of doubtful propriety, honesty, morality, respectability, etc
to regard as resulting from a specified cause; consider as caused by something indicated
to occupy completely, as the mind or attention; absorb