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Geometry Chapter 4

A diagram showing how one quantity depends on another.
A rule that pairs every x-value with a y-value.
The y-values of a function.
Plane formed by placing 2 number lines at right angles.
The x- values of a function.
Parallel to the horizon.
Ratio of the difference of y values to the difference of the x values of any 2 points on the line.
The point at which the x and y axis intersect.
The y-value of the point where a line crosses the y-axis when x =0
Straight up and down.
Cannot be expressed numerically.
1/4 of the coordinate plane.
A set of 2 numbers that locate a point on a plane.
Point that divides a line segment into 2 equal parts.
To divide into 2 equal parts.
Quantity measured in proportion to something else.