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John 1

God sent a man named _____ the Baptist.
The Word existed in the beginning with ___.
John said that he was not the ________.
Jesus renamed Simon to be _____.
The light came into the world but the world did not _________ him.
The Word gave ____ to everything that was created.
The Word was full of unfailing _____ and faithfulness.
To those who believed and accepted him, they became ________ of God.
Jesus compared himself to a ________ between heaven and earth.
______ was one of the first men to follow Jesus.
Messiah means ______.
Rabbi means _______.
The _____ shines in the darkness.
Nathanael said that Jesus was the King of ______.
John was a ________ to tell about the light.
John saw the Holy Spirit descend like a ____.
In the beginning the ____ already existed.
His own people _________ him.
Jesus was from the town of ________.
John used the words of this prophet to explain who he was.
John identified Jesus as being the ____ of God.
John baptized with _____.