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7th grade Vocab 2

Some of the younger men began to ____ one another with snowballs.
We had to ____ a nine-hour delay at the airport.
Police described it as a particularly ______attack.
Let me ____ away that piece of thread from your skirt.
He is represented by the media as a dangerous _____.
Critics say the mayor is a _____ who is inflaming racial tensions in his city.
The door was ____ and Helen peeped in.
We _____ much of our world knowledge through education.
Don't make a ___ decision for your temporary emotion.
Journalists will be able to ____ the exhibition tomorrow ahead of the public next week.
They stood in silent ___ round her grave.
The _____ of the people towards unemployment was one of the things that caused so little notice to be taken of it.
Her face was ____ with delight at the good news.
a bad apology will ____ a good friendship.
RACING track hums as miniature cars ____ round it.
____ reading where you left off.
Every seed is a ____ plant.
Angela Bassett has won critical ____ for her excellent performance.
He was dependent, like an drug _____
Our conversation came to an _____ end when George burst into the room.
The music was so loud we had to ______ at each other to be heard.
His parents will ____ him when he shows them his poor report card.
Deal with stress fast whenever it threatens to ____ you.
Our efforts to persuade her were _____ she didn't even listen
For an offence of this ____, imprisonment is the usual punishment.