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Cell Movement and Organelles

Osmotic solution where water moves in the cell, cell swells
Liquid of a cell that allows organelles to move around
When no energy (ATP) is required for movement
Site of protein synthesis
Difference between concentrations in a space
When molecules are even throughout a space
Organelle in animal cells that assists in cell division
Diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
Complex cells with linear DNA and membrane bound organelles
Simple cell with circular DNA and no nucleus
Semi-permeable, regulates what goes in and out of a cell
Organelle that stores water (plants have a large central one)
Organelle found only in plant cells, uses sunlight to make food
When large molecules cannot pass through the cell membrane and are assisted by a carrier protein
Study of cells
Osmotic pressure where the amount of water moving in the cell is equal to the water moving out of the cell
Water pressure in plant cells
When a cell moves materials against the concentration gradient, requires energy
Taking materials into a cell
Provides support and structure to plant cells
Located inside the nucleus
Control center of the cell
Long, whip like projection used for cell movement
First person to see cells
Molecules spread from high to low concentration