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science vocab set 1 Ryley Geer

Any living thing that is part of a that is part of a ecosystem
All the organisms in one species make up a _________
The ammount of acid in a substance.
Some populations occupy niches of such inportance that many other organisms depend on them . theseare called_________.
An ______ consists of the living and nonliving things things in that area that interact with one another.
The upper layer of soil which is made mosstley of humus
The name of the scale that mesures the acidity or alkalinity in soil
A group of things that work together as a unified whole
Any nonliving part of the ecosystem such as water, minerals, sunlight, air, or soil
All populations living in an area make a ________.
The layer below topsoil
The role of an organism in an ecosystem
Is known to be mesured by the pH scale.
The matierial in soil formed by the breakdown of plant and animal remains.
The place in which a population lives
The rock from which the soil is formed
Natrally occurring solid matierials of earths crust such as clay, sand, and silt.
The study of organizms and how theyinteract in an ecosystem.