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I'll Have Math, Please.

Four to the third power
Base of a cone
24 / 6 x 4 + 2
Mathematical term for 3.14
Ten multiplied by seven
Three-sided shape
56 x 3
Two to the fifth power
Two times
Twenty-two times four
Twelve feet, in yards
25 - 20 / 5
Base of a pyramid
True or False: Seven times seven equals forty-nine
Absolute value of -20
Twenty plus negative five
Three feet, in inches
Square root of two hundred eighty-nine
Outside perimeter of a circle
Negative twenty-five plus negative twenty
Square root of 25
One pound, in ounces
18 - 6 X 3
Number of Alphabets
Square root of three thousand eight hundred forty-four
A 4-sided flat shape with straight sides that has a pair of opposite sides parallel
Circle's diameter is 6, what's the radius?
Sixteen's square root
Square root of 144
Square root of 121
60 / (20+10)