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Chap.1/Sect. 1 The Renaissance

Finacial supporter of the arts.
humanist and poet; woman named Laura is his muse
European Christian military excursions that attempted to liberate the Holy Lands of the Middle East from Arab Muslim control.
Studied classical texts, history, literature, philosophy
Birthplace of the Renaissance
Painting technique that creates the illusion of three dimensions on a canvas
Excels in many fields: the classics, art, politics, combat
Book written by Baldassare Castilogne that teaches how to become a "universal" person.
Italian city-state that is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance.
Painter of the School of Athens
Wrote the book Decameron.
Painter of Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.
An explosion of creativity in art, writing, and thought.
Wrote the book, The Prince.
Merchant family of Florence, Italy that were patrons of the arts.
Intellectual movement focused on human achievements