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Algebra 1 Honors Vocabulary Chapters 5 and 6

Same slope, different y-intercept
Ratio of vertical change to horizontal change, or rise over run
The point where a line crosses the vertical axis
Y = mx + b
Represented by the letter k in y = kx
Lines with slopes whose products are -1, or opposite reciprocals
The simplest of functions in a family of functions
Y - y1 = m(x - x1)
A system of equations that has no solution
Ax + By = C
A consistent system that has exactly one solution
An example would be y = 3x
Any ordered pair that makes all equations in a system true
The point where a line crosses the horizontal axis
A system that has at least one solution
Two or more equations using the same variables
Graphs as a straight line
A consistent system that has infinitely many solutions
The horizontal change in a line
The vertical change in a line