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Ancient Greece

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A set of promises about patient care that new doctors make when they start practicing medicine
a story written in the form of a play
Surrounded on three sides by water.
Philosophical method of questioning to gain truth
A Greek city- state
A group of people living in a new territory who have ties to their homeland.
A form of democracy in which citizens elect officials to govern on their behalf
Greek teachers of philosophy, reasoning, and public speaking
Words or actions that are part of a religious ceremony
A play or film in which characters fail to overcome serious problems
A government by the people
A play or film that tells a humorous story
A custom of passing along stories by speech
The governor of a province in ancient Persia
A group of armed foot soldiers in ancient Greece arranged close together in rows
A form of democracy in which all citizens can participate firsthand in the decision making process
Someone who writes or performs epics poems or stories about heroes and their deeds
A story meant to teach a lesson
Gathering place, marketplace in ancient Greece
Enslaved people in Ancient Sparta
A Persian religion based on the belief of one god
A person who searches for wisdom or enlightenment
Part of an army in which the soldiers ride horses
The time period following the death of Alexander during which Greek culture spread through the known World.
An absolute ruler unrestrained by law
The territory governed by an official known as a satrap
The art of public speaking and debate
A government in which a small group has control
A traditional story that explains the practices or beliefs of a people, or something in the natural world
A high ranked government official in Sparta who was elected bu the council of elders
A sacred shrine where a priest or priestess spoke for a god or goddess