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Lines that are in the same plane and never touch
The ____ angles of a square add up to 360 degrees
How many right angles does a square have?
A flat 4 sided shape with 4 sides
Another quadrilateral with 4 right angles
A 4 sided polygon
A regular quadrilateral with four equal sides
Type of quadrilateral a square is
A right angle measures _____ degrees
A square has 4 _____ sides
_____ sides of a square are parallel
Total length of the sides of a polygon
The branch of mathematics concerned with points, lines, surfaces and dimensional analogs
Means "at right angles"
The area of a square is 4 ____ the length of one side
A plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles
The diagonals of a square _____ each other at 90 degrees
The diagonals of a square____ each other at 90 degrees
Any sloping line
A = a²