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Culture and Weight

Teacher: Psychology of Eating Disorders
The _________ in communication has led to an increase in eating disorders.
In what Asian country did eating disorders first appear in the 1970’s?
The term Anorexia Nervosa was introduced in 1974 by William ________.
_______ is a term used to describe the industrialization, urbanization and modernization of countries.
According to the cross-cultural study which group preferred the lowest BMI?
What change brought about the reports of eating disorders in Asian countries?
The first reported case of anorexia was a young saint named ___________.
During the Roman Empire era what behavior gives us a clue that eating disorders existed?
One of the main reasons that people were anorexic in the early centuries was _________.
People with Bulimia Nervosa uniformly express concern with _____________.
The DSM-5 removed what criteria from the AN diagnosis?
___________ _________ are lower in non-western nations than western nations.
What part of culture has had the most impact on eating disorders?
A main difference in the development of AN that is more common now than it was historically?
Eating disorders among cultural and ethnic/racial groups across the Arab region and ________are increasing.