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Art 1 and 2 Review

A Spanish painter and illustrator who helped create surrealism.
Lines that intersect vertically and horizontally.
The empty space around and between forms or shapes in an artwork.
A whole or total as combining all of its parts into one.
drawings use line to show the edge of an object
a style of art and literature developed principally into the 20th century, stressing the subconscious or non-rationally significance of imagery.
Modified contour
Moving sculpture in which shapes are balanced and arranged on wire arms and suspended from the ceiling to move freely in the air currents.
graphic and often symbolic pattern usually in the form of a circle that radiate out from the center.
The eye
A condition in which the elements of an artwork appear to fit well together.
Measures 360 degrees.
Principle of design concerned with equalizing visual forces, or elements, in a work of art.
A whole or totally as combining all of its parts into one
a simple figure eight repeated to create a shading technique.
Technique of shading with a series of fine parallel lines.
Object that are at the back of the picture
The art or technique of painting with such pigment.
The technique of using crossed line for shading.
Combination of colors that are considered satisfying or that produce certain effect
A Russian artist that creates are using the surrealism style.
The space that a form or shape occupies in an artwork.
drawing is created when you do not look at your paper while you are drawing. Your pencil or pen never lifts off the page and you examine the object which you are
A technique of shading using dots.
The condition of having similar parts regularly arranged around a central axis.
Using more than one material to create art.
Principle of design concerned with equalizing visual forces, or elements, in a work of art.