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Noah's Crossword for 'Al Capone Does My Shirts'

The mother of the most famous person on the island
The famous occupant of the island who helps the main character in the end
The nickname and last name of the main character
The head of the school for students with learning disabilites
The nickname for convict 105
The first name of the girl who keeps getting the main character in trouble
The name of the school for kids like the protagonist's sister
The largest group of people who live on the Island
The thing taken from schoolmates in San Francisco that gets several island kids in trouble with the Warden
The town where the protagonist lived before the island
The schoolmate of the main character who loves the same sport
The protagonist's father works on the island as an electrician and a _____.
The city where Moose goes to school
The main character's favorite sport
The teacher who helps the protagonist's sister
The name of the prison and island in the book
The disability that causes the protagonist's sister to need a special school
The word on a note in the sleeve of the protagonist at the end of the book
People get to the island by ____.
The man in charge of the island
The protagonist's mother
The girl on the Island who most understands the protagonist's sister
The main character's sister gets upset when these are taken away from her
The name of the main character's sister