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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Applied Science ISP

A ___ is the path electrons move along
Spray paint is an example of which WHMIS symbol?
___ electricity lights up our houses
Electrons move from the ___ terminal to the positive terminal
When doing an experiment, you must always wear ____ goggles
An observation made using the 5 senses is called _____
The Sun is a yellow ___
What does the W in WHMIS stand for?
What is the removal of electric charge from an object called?
Saturn is most famous for its ___
Electrons ___ moving in an incomplete circuit
___ is the hottest planet in our solar system
The sun is at the beginning of the ___
Astronomers have classified galaxies into ___ different catagories
A rock is non-living or ___
About ___ year ago there was no electricity in homes, schools, etc.
What is the name of our galaxy?
What is the system of many interlocking food chains called?
When there is the same number of protons and electrons the atom is ___
An ___ is a biological community of organisms and the environment
Volume times density equals ____
An object being charged by not touching is ___
What is the name of Earth's moon
Neptune is the ___ planet from the sun
The sun ___ food for plants
What is the process to convert light energy into chemical energy?
A ___ is a natural home of an organism
An observation that can be made using measurements is called ____
____ are used for reacting and heating small amounts of chemicals.
What is the symbol of the HHPS flammable?
Static electricity is the temporary transfer of ___
A ___ is an animal that only eats meat
Humans are ___
___ only eat plants
2 objects of the same charge will ___
Is solubility a physical or chemical property
Earth is the only planet known to sustain ___
___ stars are the coolest stars
When you spill chemicals you should immediately ____ it to the teacher
Pluto is a ___ planet