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Module 12-Advanced Biology

An immune response targeted at a specific pathogen or toxin
Lymphatic tissue arranged into compact, somewhat spherical structures
Immunity that comes from antibodies in the blood.
Proteins secreted by cells infected with a virus. These proteins stimulate nearby cells to resist the virus.
The process by which the body protects itself from pathogenic invaders such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, foreign substances, and toxic chemicals.
Watery liquid formed from interstitial fluid and found in lymph vessels
Immunity that comes from the action of T lymphocytes
Chemicals that promote fever by acting on the hypothalamus
Groups of lymphocytes and other cells which support the lymphocytes
An immune response that is the same regardless of the pathogen or toxin encountered
A buildup of excess interstitial fluid in the tissues, which can lead to swelling
Encapsulated masses of lymphatic tissue found along lymph vessels.
A series of about twenty plasma proteins activated by foreign cells or antibodies to those cells. They lyse bacteria, promote phagocytosis, and promote inflammation.