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You add this to a color to create a shade
Frank Lloyd Wright designed this famous museum.
The title of one of the most famous paintings ever created by Pablo Picasso. It is black and white depicting a war.
This type of paint was used to paint "Madonna and child" by Duccio
Movement of art best known by painter Jackson Pollack
You add this to a color to create a tint
Orange, green, and _______ are secondary colors.
Edvard Munch was born here
Last name of a famous female portrait artist from Mexico
This trendy Miami art hub is known for it's beautiful murals.
The subject matter of Jasper John's most famous painting
Henri Matisse is from this country
The Mona Lisa was painted during this famous period of history
The Japanese art of flower arranging .
Anonymous artist that paintings large scale murals around the world
Last name of a famous artist from France, part of the Post-Impressionism movement who painted in Tahiti
Wheat field with _____. Is the last known Van Gogh painting
What state was Georgia O'Keefe born in?
The last name of the famous silk screen pop artist from the 1960s.
The last name of a famous surrealist painter known for his mustache.