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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Animals that eat other animals
A collection of tissues
A protection against cold weather and the lack of food.
Pheromones are __________ that animals use to communicate.
Daily cycles are called __________
Animals that do not have a backbone
A signal that can reach many animals over a large area.
These are behaviors that have been learn from experience
When you are using vision to communicate, you are using your ________.
Animals that have a backbone
When animals travel to warmer places or areas
A transfer of a signal or message from one animal to another
A substance that is released by the body
Animals depend on these behaviors to survive
The early stage of development of an organism
Behaviors that helps animals adjust to their environment
Behaviors that are inherited through genes
An area that is occupied by one animal or a group of animals
When communicating animals ________ each other.
The animal that is being ate by another animal