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The French and Latin American Revolutions

French social classes before the French Revolution.
Most of the French population belonged to this estate.
Considered the George Washington of South America, he was also known as the "Liberator".
This was the group of the third Estate who began the French Revolution when they formed the National Assembly.
A formal agreement usually between the Catholic Church and government.
Was executed for his ruthless rule during the Reign of Terror.
Spaniards who settled in Latin America.
Public schools established by Napoleon.
The British _________ kept France and its allies from receiving needed supplies.
This group made up the First Estate during the Old Regime in France.
French general who later made himself Emperor of France.
Pierre Dominque Toussaint L'Overture won the independence of this nation.
Last battle the finally brought the defeat of Napoleon.
Naval battle where a combined French and Spanish fleet was defeated by the English.
Beheading instrument that became associated with the French Revolution.
This system established by Napoleon backfired on him as many of his allies did not enforce it.
A soldier who is paid to fight in a foreign army.
Military tactics used by Haitians and Spaniards against the French.
Radical group which headed France during the Reign of Terror.
This nation lost most of its colonies in Latin America during the period of independence.
This nations forces helped defeat French in the battles of Waterloo and Trafalgar.
Spanish priest who began Mexico's fight for independence.
A person of Spanish blood born in the Americas.
The Congress of _______ was a series of meetings of European powers to bring peace and security after the defeat of Napoleon.