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A device that includes a suspended bob that swings back and forth
The highest point of a wave
a repeating, back-and-forth motion in an equilibrium position
If frequency decreases, the energy of a wave is _____________
The distance from the top of one crest to the top of the next crest
Back-and-forth motion
When energy or matter moves away from equilibrium
A neutral, balanced state of energy or matter
A wave that requires a medium to travel through
A measurement of the maximum displacement of a wave from equilibrium
Waves transmit ________ through space and time
A wave that DOES NOT require a medium to travel through
Simple _________ motion
This characteristic of matter has no effect on the behavior of a pendulum
The number of vibrations an object makes in a unit of time
Studied pendulums and determined the period of a pendulum depends on length
How frequency is measured
If frequency increases, the energy of a wave is _____________
Waves are ____________ through space and time.
Energy that is transmitted progressively from one place to the next without transporting any matter
The lowest point of a wave
The time of a back and forth motion of a vibration
Matter that carries vibrations (Required for sound waves)
The period of a pendulum is determined by length and acceleration of ______________
Vibrations cannot occur without __________