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5.3 Found for the Age of Science

Ancient Greek philosopher people looked to for ideas about science.
Two people who displayed God's perfection in creation.
Romans 1 teaches that creation itself is God's _______ _______.
Man can use his understanding of the secrets of creation to ______ mankind.
Return to the authority of scripture which began in 1517.
Man is to ______ the earth and have dominion over it.
Period of time (A.D. 500 - 1500) in which the Bible was a closed book for science.
The Greeks explanation for the origin of life; living things arising from nonliving things.
Aristotle taught that mankind is linked in a ________ ________ with rocks, trees, and animals.
God is the ________ of matter, but is not matter Himself.
The erroneous idea that everything is material.
Because they were separated from God, most men looked for answers to their questions about the world in _____ alone.
God's special revelation; a book the biblical scientist needs.