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Fun with Adjectives

New-made, unspoiled
Feeling or showing a lack of enthusiasm
Sunken down or profound
Above average in size
Unpleasantly loud or harsh
Agreeable in nature, pleasant
Exciting, electrifying
Highly excited
High in price
Not straight
Arousing or provoking laughter
Decorative, not plain
Hilly, rough
In a softened tone
Tumbled down, collapsed
Limited in size or scope
Spreading out in different directions, sprawling
First class, of the highest quality
Extraordinarily large in size
From or pertaining to the universe
Exceptionally bad, dreadful
Annoying, bothersome, irritating
Bright and pleasant; cheerful
Appearing as if covered in moss; or antiquated, old/out of date.
Showing signs of wear and tear
Hurtful, harsh, cuting