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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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CELL-Tastic Search by Akari Brown

Teacher: Mrs. Blanchard
The steps you take to complete something.
The control center of all of the cells
Gives the plant its green color and traps energy from sunlight
Stores water and waste in a plant and animal
Cells that are the opposite of prokaryotic cells and have a nucleus
Cells that make energy throughout the body
Contains RNA and lives inside the nucleus
A round small organelle that is involved in digestion
A substance that contains all living material in the cell
A very tough layer that protects the material in a cell
A transport system that send what the body need through the body
The building block of all life
They live in wildlife
A bacterial cell that does not have a nucleus
A cell in the body that controls what goes in and out
A bunch of tissues joined together to make a unit
A transport system that sends what the body needs through the body
Tiny structures that makes proteins
A living material of nature that is a flower
A material that makes an organ