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MIS 300 Ch 4

Teacher: Dave Rice
Technical experts who use their knowledge to break into computers and computer networks
The forging of the return address on an email so that the sender appears to be someone other than the actual sender
Punch hole maker
The right to be left alone when you want to be, to have control over your personal possessions, and not to be observed without your consent
Monitoring tools that detect patterns in network traffic to prevent intruders
2x2 floating zoo
Intangible creative work that is embodied in physical form, and includes copyrights, trademarks, and patents
According to Julie Andrews, a long, long way to run
King Kong's paramour
The identification of a user based on a physical characteristic
To do so is to be human
A small electronic device that changes a user's password automatically
~ 3.14159
Requires a user to follow a prescribed policy in order to gain access to corporate email, information, and the Internet
What you might feel after successfully completing this puzzle
Floods a web site with so many requests for service that it slows down, or crashes the site
Raised railway
Open source operating system
Assurance that messages and information remain available only to those authorized to view them
Software that purports to serve a useful purpose, and often does, but also allows advertisers to display ads without the prior approval of the user
Scramble information in an alternative form that requires a key or password to decrypt
What you shouldn't do from someone else
Opposite of stern
An element with an atomic number of 47
Unsolicited email
Protection of information from accidental, or intentional, misuse
A special class of adware that gathers information about a user, and transmits it over the Internet without permission
Steve's successor
Hardware, and/or software, that protect a private network by analyzing incoming and outgoing information for the correct markings
A type of virus that spreads from computer to computer, and from system to system
How I eat BBQ ribs
The first line of defense in information security
A colony you don't want to join