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Algebra 2

Name: ___________________________________
A number's distance from zero on the number line.
A mathematical sentence stating that two mathematical expressions are equal.
A plane divided into four quadrants by the intersection of the x-axis and y-axis at the origin.
The distance from the midline of a sin or cos curve to the maximum or minimum point on the curve.
The y-coordinates of the point at which the graph crosses the y-axis.
The angle formed by the terminal side of an angle in standard position and the x-axis.
A process used to make a quadratic expression into a perfect square trinomial.
The method used to multiply two binomials.
Indicates to what root the value under the radical is being taken.
The study of relationships between the angles and sides of a right triangle.
When graphs of functions are shifted up or down.
The set of all x coordinates of the ordered pairs of a relation.
The graph of a quadratic function.
The x-intercepts of the graph of a function.
The set of all y-coordinates in a relation.
A relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element in the range.
Greatest degree of any term in the polynomial.
A ratio of polynomial expressions.
A line about which a figure is symmetric.
The behavior of the graph as x approaches positive infinity or negative infinity.
The x-coordinate of the point at which the graph crosses the x-axis.
The binomial x - r is a factor of the polynomial P(x) if and only if P(r) = 0.
A number that does not satisfy the original equation.
To eliminate radicals from a denominator.
A circle of radius 1 whose center is at the origin of a coordinate system.
A set of ordered pairs.