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Science Crossword

When color particles go in an object and move around generating infrared waves and expelling that giving us indirect heat
The second layer of the atmosphere with an ozone layer
A chemical that things generate that can let us see color.
This tool allows us to see bacteria that we cannot see with the blind eye
The third layer of the atmosphere
The dangers light that can cause cancer.
The invisible line that goes through the Earth that always faces the North Star
The first layer of the atmosphere that we live on
The circle that goes around the center of Earth where it is warmer because of the tilt it is always in the suns light and doesn't change too much.
The weight of a school bus on to below in from behind left and right of you
Sets of stars that travel together outward like the milky way or andromida
The circling of a celestial being around another celestial being
The direct source of heat
The outcome of the big bang.
The majority of the world agrees on this form of measuring temperature
A tool that allows us to see the stars from Earth
When two provinces connect t causes this
Something that measures the heat of water or the room
The light that allows us to see color
A tool that allows us to see things farther away like they were up close
The warmest layer of the atmosphere but feels the coldest
The universe exploded from a small dot
The darker spots on the sun that are colder than the rest of the sun
The US Customary form of measuring temperature
Three oxygens