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French Revolution

By Tatyana Garcia (Period 7)
Radical political organization.
An assembly of representatives from all three estates.
"Madame Deficit."
Famous device used to execute people.
New legislative body created by the National Assembly; limited constitutional monarchy.
The three large social classes that France had been divided into during the Old Regime.
An agreement or treaty
Robespierre's reign.
A church tax; one-tenth a family's income.
King of France, however, a weak one.
A Jacobin leader who rose to power in France.
Nobles and others who left France.
First consul and master of France.
Revolutionary assembly formed by the Third Estate.
Parisian workers and shopkeepers who wanted even greater change to France.
When the Third Estate delegates were locked out of their meeting room, they pledged to stay and draw up a new constitution in a...
A group of soldiers who will work for anyone who hires them.
A period of senseless panic and riot by peasants when rumors began to spread about the king's plan to terrorize the Third Estate.
The social and political system of France before the French Revolution.