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Ready For Some Football

Space marked by two upright poles
Blocking pattern where D-lineman passes the line of scrimmage
To evade a tackler
Offensive player moves before ball is snapped
Number of times a rushing player attempts to move the ball forward
Area behind the line of scrimmage
Series of offensive plays where yardage is gained
Sport played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field with goal post on each end
Team with possession of the ball driving toward the end zone
Remove football from a player carrying it
Forward transfer of the football from one player to another through the air
Kick used to give up the ball to the opposition after offensive downs have been used
Defensive maneuver in which linebackers or defensive backs charge the opponent's backfield
Defensive or offensive position on the line of scrimmage
An attempt to prevent a receiver from catching a pass
Weighted yellow cloth thrown by a field official to indicate that a foul has been committed
NFL championship game
A play worth 6 points accomplished by gaining legal possession of the ball in the opponent's end zone
A free kick which starts each half or restart the game following a touchdown
Father of American Football
A running a play or attempt to tackle or hurry a player
Team that begins a play from scrimmage not in possession of the ball
Act of a player obstructing another player with their body.
Handoff or pass from the center that begins a play from scrimmage
Infraction of rule that requires both teams to be on their own side of their line before the ball is put into play
First female NFL official
When player throws ball to the ground after a snap