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Occurs when there is a stoppage in the game and can be any of the following: Referee blows the whistle (play is stopped, ball is dead), ball has gone “out of bounds,” a jump ball (tie up call), etc. The game clock stops on all dead balls
Pass that is made to another player on your team that leads to the scoring of a basket
Team without possession of the ball that is trying to keep the other team from scoring a basket
Refers to the length of time used to represent quarters, halves, or overtimes in a basketball game as shown on the official scoreboard/score clock
Player with the ball dribbles the ball to one hand then dribbles the ball back to the other hand
When the ball travels out of the court area (the sidelines and baselines)
A “free” shot taken from the free throw line after a foul has been committed
Basic offensive position that a player may: Shoot, Pass, or Drive to the basket out of
When an offensive player that has possession of the ball “throws” it to another player on the same team
Defense that starts at the opponents side of the court when the offense is trying to get the ball in and bring it up the court
When an offensive player (that does not have possession of the ball) stands in the paint area for 3-seconds or more
Team that has control of the ball
When a ball handler takes too many steps while dribbling
If a game is tied after the regulation time has expired, the game is extended
Referred to as the “easiest shot” in basketball; occur when a player drives to the basket and finishes with a short, one handed “lay in” shot under the basket
When a player takes the ball away from an opposing player
Occurs after a missed shot attempt when a player grabs the ball (can be offensive or defensive)
Offensive footwork that can be used at the end of a dribble
A move to “trick” a defender
The end line areas of the basketball court
The area that is marked by the large rectangular block on the outside of the “paint” area
An offensive player that intentionally gets in a position to “block” a defender from guarding another offensive player to put the player in a position to be “open”
The two outside lines that run the length of the court
Occurs when a defensive player touches the ball when the offensive player is shooting the ball
Violation that occurs when a player stops dribbling and then attempts to dribble again or if a player attempts to dribble with 2 hands
The act of two defenders steering and manipulating the ball handler into an area where they must stop
Committed by an offensive players who loses the ball
The rectangular area from the free throw line to the baseline (also referred to as the lane)
A defensive tactic that consists of two defenders guarding the same player
Once the Offensive team has passed the half court line, they cannot dribble or pass back over the half court line unless the other team has touched the ball
Temporary suspension of a game; clock stoppage requested by a coach for a short meeting with the players
Starts when a defender rebounds a missed shot by the offense and “outlets” the pass to a teammate; ends when the ball gets to the opposite basket quickly (before the defense gets there)
Occurs when neither team has possession and the ball is “live” until someone picks up the ball
The team that has possession of the basketball and is attempting to score points
When a player is facing the basket with shoulders parallel to the basket
The act of intentionally “striking or pushing” the basketball with the hand
The act of bringing the ball into play
The act of making “illegal” physical contact with a player while the ball is in play